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Digital Pathology & AI


AI solutions to help find the right next step for patients as early in their journey as possible.


We are developing AI capabilities to help find actionable markers to identify potential therapeutic and clinical trial options for your patients.


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The STAR Health Network Edge Platform Leverages Data and AI to Identify Therapeutic Options for Patients Earlier in Their Journey

AI algorithms for molecular biomarker prediction
Our developing portfolio of digital pathology algorithms use a single whole slide H&E image to predict biomarkers, such as MSI or HRD status, for patients who are not ordinarily sequenced.

AI algorithms for clinical trial enrichment
Our algorithms are being developed to use an H&E whole slide image to identify patients likely to contain characteristics relevant for clinical trial eligibility through our unique biomarker prediction technology.

Solutions to digitize your practice
We can serve as a partner to your practice in digitizing your pathology workflow, from scanning to integrating algorithms into your existing workflow to uncover more potential options for patients.

Join our network of pathology labs to get access to these solutions.

Our impact in oncology

petabytes of data, which represents 20 times the size of the Cancer Genome Atlas

oncologists rely on STAR Health Network as their precision medicine partner

of all Academic Medical Centers in the US are connected to STAR Health Network

Your cancer is unique.

Your treatment should be, too.

At STAR Health Network, we offer comprehensive genomic testing (DNA, RNA, etc). These next-generation sequencing tests can be performed to identify specific alterations that may drive the behavior of your cancer. This information may help your physician optimize a course of treatment based on your unique cancer.

If you and your physician decide that genomic testing is right for you, we work directly with your physician to obtain the necessary specimen samples and clinical information. A report with your results will be delivered to your physician, and he or she will contact you once the report has been received to discuss the results and determine the best next steps.


STAR Health Network tests are available both in the United States and internationally.

Having STAR Health Network in my fight for cancer… it’s incredible.


"I already know–thanks to [STAR Health Network] testing–my first, second, and third lines of defense."


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