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Data Collaborations


Accelerate therapy development with real-world multi-modal data


Advance discovery, innovation, and increase the likelihood of trial success with real-world clinical and molecular data, including DNA, RNA and whole slide pathology images.


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Supporting Key Development Milestones

Discover novel biomarkers
Leverage real-world multimodal data and bioinformatics expertise to identify disease subtypes and power discovery approaches to lead to novel therapeutic opportunities

Generate and validate hypotheses
Analyze your target of interest and identify the most appropriate patient population to evaluate for your therapy program

Design late stage clinical trials
Design trials, validate biomarker strategies, define optimal populations to study and assess execution feasibility. Plus, conduct trial simulation and survival analysis to support trial success

STAR Health Network Lens

Powering Our Data Collaborations

STAR Health Network Lens is a comprehensive, real-world, multi-modal data platform that enables Life Science companies to leverage a self-service model to uncover new insights across the research and development spectrum to make smarter decisions and launch molecules more efficiently.

How We Partner

STAR Health Network establishes joint research teams combining disciplines from computational biology, medical, bioinformatics, and machine learning to work alongside your teams with a goal of accelerating therapy development.

STAR Health Network Explore

STAR Health Network bioinformatics experts help you answer your oncology research questions and meet your research objectives efficiently.

Data Licenses

Our data licensing partnership provides you with access to de-identified multi-modal data to support iterative research and development objectives using the tools you are most comfortable with.

Top pharmaceutical and biotech companies trust STAR Health Network to inform therapy development.


of the top 20 pharma oncology companies

biopharma companies

The STAR Health Network Difference

de-identified research records to power scientific discovery

records with imaging data

records with matched clinical and molecular data to understand driver mutations and outcomes associations

records with full transcriptomic data for interrogating tumor biology and mechanisms of action

20x larger
database than the Cancer Genome Atlas, which we believe to be the largest public genomic database, based on petabytes of data


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