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Life Sciences

Discover, design, and deliver the right drug for the right patient

STAR Health Network provides integrated solutions to help meet your needs from early discovery through commercialization.




Our Solutions

01 Sequencing Use our genomic platform to prospectively sequence through clinical trials and retrospectively support research priorities.

02 Companion Diagnostics Integrate CDx claims into STAR Health Network assays through a validated and established sequencing platform to pursue companion diagnostic biomarkers.

03 Clinical Trial Solutions Utilize NGS and EHR integrations to identify patients that match your study's eligibility criteria, including targetable biomarkers from DNA and RNA.

04 Data Collaborations Leverage real-world datasets of matched molecular and clinical data with digital whole slide pathology images to uncover new insights across the research and development spectrum.

05 AI Applications Our AI algorithms run on top of common diagnostics modalities and give researchers new AI-driven insights to support clinicians’ management of their individual patients and potential trial eligibility.

06 Biological Modeling Leverage our robust biobank of patient-derived tumor organoids to accelerate drug discovery.


We partner with scientists and researchers to accelerate the drug development process

of the top 20 pharma oncology companies partner with STAR Health Network

biopharma partnerships

Data Collaborations

de-identified research records to power scientific discovery to improve patient outcomes

records with matched clinical data linked with genomic information to understand driver mutations and outcomes associations


records with full transcriptomic data for interrogating tumor biology and mechanisms of action



NGS tests to support clinical trial and research sequencing


oncologists rely on STAR Health Network as their precision medicine partner

Clinical Trial Solutions


days on average to activate a new site


provider networks and research institutions in the TIME Trial® Program


patients were identified for potential enrollment into clinical trials in our network

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