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AI Applications


AI algorithms from NGS and digital pathology to increase clinical context on patients


Our algorithmic diagnostics sit on top of common diagnostic modalities of NGS, IHC, and H&E, powering researchers with new, AI-driven insights to support clinical care, whether in clinical decision making or trial eligibility.


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Our Solutions

Get additional molecular context
Leverage STAR Health Network AI-driven algorithms—such as HRD, TO, or DPYD—to gain molecular dimensionality to answer challenging scientific questions on patient outcomes.

Partner in developing your own algorithm
Collaborate with STAR Health Network’ data scientists and computational biologists to develop unique algorithmic biomarkers, whether based on DNA, RNA, or digital pathology, to support potential trial eligibility or clinicians' management of individual patients.

Validate your own algorithm
Partner with STAR Health Network to leverage our capabilities to launch and operate studies and validate algorithms with prospective patients.

Identify patients earlier in their treatment journey
Deploy digital pathology algorithms in the STAR Health Network NAPA network of pathology labs to identify patients who might qualify for your clinical trial—based upon an H&E image—potentially accelerating enrollment.

Our Differentiators

petabytes of data, which represents 20 times the size of the Cancer Genome Atlas

records with matched clinical data linked with genomic information

records with imaging data

direct data connections across over 1,700 healthcare institutions that order our products and services


of the top 20 pharma oncology companies partner with STAR Health Network

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